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The $58.5 million North Andover High School Project involves plans for the complete demolition of the building and construction of a new building in North Andover, Massachusetts.
To support the proposed demolition, Environmental & Construction Management Services, Inc. (ECMS) was retained by the project architect DiNisco Design Partnership, Limited to conduct an investigative survey and Construction Administration in the areas of proposed renovation. ECMS’ scope of services included all hazard assessments, remedial design, and construction management activities related to asbestos-containing materials and lead-based paint.

The purpose of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was to determine the history of the property, including current and former ownership and use and evaluate the Site for evidence of oil and/or hazardous materials that are, have been, or potentially could be released onto the Site or in the vicinity of the Site. A Site reconnaissance visit for the property was also performed by ECMS qualified personnel to document current Site conditions with respect to the presence of any oil and or hazardous materials (OHM).

To support the proposed demolition activities, ECMS conducted an investigative survey for asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and lead-based paint (LBP) throughout the building.

ECMS provided hazardous material abatement design plans and specifications necessary to facilitate the demolition required.

ECMS is also providing project administrative and construction management support including compliance supervision, inspections of contractor activities, and air quality monitoring during abatement operations.