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ECMS will offer high quality innovative alternatives for consulting services in asbestos, lead-based paint, indoor air quality and environmental disciplines to both public and private sector clients. These services will be offered with an emphasis on providing superior environmental consulting expertise, to balance all applicable regulatory as well as client fiscal objectives. Clients will understand that working with ECMS is a more personal, professional, cost effective and less risky alternative to assist them in managing their environmental and hazardous waste issues.

ECMS ensures the quality of its work through a comprehensive internal QA/QC program. Specific client needs are reviewed on a continuous basis to ensure that all deliverables are consistent in format and of the highest quality attainable. All technical reports are reviewed by a Principal of the firm to ensure that work is performed in accordance with all applicable regulatory guidelines, technical specifications, if applicable, and proposal requirements.

ECMS environmental consulting services include the following:

Asbestos Management Services

Lead-based Paint Management
Environmental Engineering Services
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management
Asbestos Training
Construction Management